EM.TRANS / SNART.ME Public Access Machine

You have reached SNART.ME, the personal internet support system of David Timber. The system is part of my effort towards independence from big evil tech companies like Google and Microsoft through achieving adequate control over personal data by self-hosting services myself. The system is built Upon these technologies.

Postfix + Dovecot: email
Redmine: project management
OpenLDAP: system-wide user identity directory
MariaDB: RDBMS backend of choice
PALHM: system backup and update
Amazon Web Services:backing cloud computing service provider

I have maintained a couple of home-lab style servers in the past all of which perished with the passing of time. As my skills, identity and personality have matured, snart.me is here to stay. I intend to use Snart.me strictly for personal use only. The services run under the domain will not be offered to anyone else.

Find Me

For professional enquiries regarding technologies, EMAIL ONLY: dxdt@dev.snart.me


I really appreciate that you visited this page to find out who I am! But please, please, DO NOT SEND TECH RELATED ENQUIRIES TO MY PERSONAL CONTACT!

Personal contact: david@snart.me

Or via social media undisclosed on this page.

The Name

I wanted something short for my domain and "snart" is what I came up with. "Snart" means quick or quickly in Danish/Norwegian/Swedish. At the time, I only bought the domain to host my own url shortener as all the free url shortener services were shutting down. Unfortunately, as it turns out, it means something else in English. Well, this is how the English language sneaks up on me. Some people know what the word means and have a good laugh every now and then which I think is a good thing.

I was driving in Perth when a semi-trailer stopped behind me at a traffic light. The number plate of the truck contained the word "trans" to denote the fact that the truck is a property of a transport company. In my rear view mirror, the read as "snart". That's when it struck me: I could use this version of explanation in a formal settings. So, here you go. "EM.TRANS" is the LSB representation of "SNART.ME". Funny that the string can fit into a uint64_t!



All the services I maintain follow the similar structure as following.

dev.snart.me: software research and development department(requires TLS certificate)
snart.me: for everything else
u.snart.me: this will be my URL shortener :)


Due to my perpetually tight budget, the entire system is serviced by one VM. I might throw in Lambda and CDN here and there, but this is the general structure.

embla.dev.snart.me: the main machine
luna.dev.snart.me: the sandbox of embla.dev.snart.me. Operated only when required. IPv6 only

The Company

For tax and branding purposes, I run commercially viable operations as a sole trader, Si-magic.

About Me

I'm a nomad fueled by personal reasons travelling around the world like a bum after getting sick of making living doing coding work all day every day back home. I gave up on the pursuit in software career, but I never gave up on computers as my skill set. Every now and then you will find my work on the internet or in person at a professional level. I'll never stop growing up and I'm still learning how this world works due to my recent diagnosis of my disabilities.

I'm not a visual person. See how fancy this web page is? I prefer building stuff from bottom to top(as everything should be) so you won't find any of my work "gift wrapped". I like making most of the stuff under the hood and leave the aesthetic works to gifted people.


I'm still taking baby steps to be fully data-independent. Here's the list of services I'm looking to replace with self-hosted services.

Google Keep: TBA Webdav Implementation (Joplin?)
Google Contacts: TBA Carddav Implementation (NextCloud?)
Google Calendar: TBA Caldav Implementation (NextCloud?)
Google Drive: TBA (Nextcloud?)
URL shortener: TBA (might make my own)
VCS frontend: TBA (Gitea? Gitlab?)


AuthorDavid Timber <dxdt@dev.snart.me>
Copyright(c)2022-2023 David Timber


Absolutely no cookie is used for the website and this page. No data is being collected.




2022-11-28DavidInitial version
2023-12-06DavidFriendlier wording, some update